Hey, my name is Cheng-Wei Hu (胡程維). I'm currently based in San Francisco and work at YouTube as a software engineer.

Previously, I studied Connective Media at Cornell Tech and Finance + Computer Science at National Taiwan University. Taipei and New York City are where I feel like home.

Things I'm involved with and areas of interest:

  • Learning. I'm a voracious learner who loves sharing digested thoughts through Weekly I/O and this blog. I learn cool things across psychology, philosophy, art, and science to understand the world better. My bookshelf.
  • AR/VR/XR. I researched in the XR Collaboratory at Cornell, where I played with multiple projects related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality (XR), real-time 3D reconstruction, and remote collaboration. I'm also learning Apple Vision Pro development, and recently won Dream XR hackathon by building a multiplayer social game with text-to-3D AI.
  • Full-stack development. I self-taught programming and interned at Amazon, Grindr, and LINE TV to do both frontend and backend software development. I also built browser extension like Better Medium Stats to help over 1000 writers on Medium to get more insights from their article data.
  • Film street photography. You can find some of my work here.
  • Indie Music. I'm an enthusiast who loves attending live concerts and festivals. I've also organized a music festival and some small music events before. Currently the three artists I listen to the most are Bon Iver, No Party for Cao Dong, and GorDoN .
  • Basketball. I've been playing basketball my whole life, and ten years on the varsity team molded who I am today. I enjoy making friends through hooping together though I can be extremely competitive sometimes.
  • Philosophy. The philosophical tradition closest to my philosophy is pragmatism, though I prefer to call mine cherry-pickism. I hold conflicting ideas and beliefs as long as they are useful to me. Stoicism (or Buddhism from the religious world and REBT from the psychotherapy world) is the one I applied the most. Evolutionary psychology is the framework I use the most to explain or understand behavior. Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Spinoza, and Kant are some philosophers that I often consulted.

I love making friends! If you'd like to get in touch, shoot me a message on twitter, facebook, or huchengwei7021 at gmail dot com. You can also find me elsewhere on substack, goodread, github, linkedin, and medium.