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How does Adblock make money? They have an Acceptable Ads program that allows ads on some websites with a licensing fee.

Article: How does Adblock Plus make money?

Today, 42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker. The advertising industry was reported to lose over 22 billion in 2015 alone. But have you ever been wondering how does Adblock software make money?

It turns out that they have an Acceptable Ads program to let some websites bypass Adblock and display ads. The Ads should follow strict criteria, including can't be animated and can't interrupt the user's natural reading flow.

According to the Adblock Plus company, despite users' donations, the primary source of revenue is still the Acceptable Ads program. They usually charge 30 percent of the additional revenue created by Acceptable Ads as a license fee, and around 90 percent of licenses are granted for free to smaller entities.

Thanks to Pradyumna Yogan for introducing this article to me!

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