Annual Report Framework

From Weekly I/O#56

Farnam Street's Annual Report Framework.

Article: Personal annual report

It might be too late to talk about new year's resolutions, but it's better late than never. I found answering these questions in the list curated by Shane Parrish from Farnam Street helpful because it better shapes the context of any resolution. Here are some I think can be useful for you:

What do I want to spend MORE/LESS time on next year?

Where am I waiting for other people to make the first move?

What can I do in the next week that will make the rest of the year easier?

What can I do this year that will leave me in a better position for next year?

Who do I spend time with that pulls me down/lifts me up?

If there was a film crew following you all day, what am I doing that I'd want the crew to see/avoid them seeing?

If I took over my life from scratch today, what would I immediately stop doing?

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