Aware of Decision

From Weekly I/O#74

We make better decisions when we know we are making decisions. Therefore, the first step to improving decision-making is to be aware of the decision.

Podcast: Shane Parrish on Wisdom from Warren Buffett, Rules for Better Thinking, How to Reduce Blind Spots, The Dangers of Mental Models, and More (#695)

Shane Parrish and his work, Farnam Street, offer some of the best resources for improving decision-making. When asked, "How would you suggest people get better at making decisions?" Shane started with a simple observation.

When we know we're making a decision, we tend to do reasonably well. Being conscious of the decision-making process makes us more rational and directionally accurate. For instance, when marrying our partner or buying a house, we know we're making a decision. Therefore, we utilize the information better and make more deliberate decisions.

However, challenges emerge when we are unaware that we are making decisions. In the context of relationships, unlike the clear-cut decision of choosing a partner, numerous subtle decisions are often made without explicit awareness. These include communication styles, daily interactions, and even mundane tasks like loading the dishwasher. A lack of consciousness in these decisions often results in mistakes, leading to conflicts and frustrations in relationships.

You can make the best decision by marrying the best person in the world. Still, if you don't consciously navigate the subtle decisions in a relationship, it can all multiply by zero. Therefore, the first step towards getting better at decision-making is knowing you are making a decision.

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