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Weekly I/O#11

Consider how your product makes customers "feel" instead of what it functionally does for them.

Podcast: Superhuman Part II - Designing Software to Feel like a Game (with Rahul Vohra)

Superhuman is the email productivity app with the slogan "The Fastest Email Experience Ever Made". In the two ACQUIRED podcast episodes, the CEO talked about finding product market fit, pricing strategy, game design, and many other things.

The first episode can be found at Superhuman (with CEO Rahul Vohra). In the first episode, Rahul Vohra also talked about waitlist, which is a very interesting marketing technique to study especially when witnessing the Clubhouse Hype recently.

In the second episode, Rahul Vohra talked about Game Design based on his previous experience as a game designer.

His advice for product designers is to "Pull back from user wants and user needs. Instead, design for fun".

It's more important to consider how the product makes customers feel than what it functionally does for them. Find opportunities where the product naturally delights, surprises, or gives users a sense of accomplishment, then find light-touch ways to amplify it.

For example, as an email client app, Superhuman found that seeing an email inbox has 0 unread email is one of the most emotionally resonant moments for a user. To amplify the "Inbox Zero" moment, Superhuman uses beautiful imagery as a reward to trigger specific emotions when users empty their inboxes.

A similar example can be found in a to-do list app I love called timestripe. When striking out all the todos in a day, it will play a celebration animation.

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