Immediate Connection to Creation

From Weekly I/O#57

Creators need immediate connections to what they are creating because so much creation is discovery. We discover nothing if we cannot see the process of our changes effectively.

Video: Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

Creators need immediate connections to what they are creating. When we are making something, and we make a change or a decision, we need to see the effect immediately. There cannot be any delay, and there cannot be anything hidden.

So much creation and art are discoveries. If we have to compile and wait whenever we make a change, we cannot see what we are doing effectively. If we cannot observe the process of our changes, we cannot discover anything.

This reminds me of my experience building Virtual Reality (VR) applications. Because Unity (the software used to build VR applications) has to compile for a long time in Mac to render any scene into a VR headset, there's always a delay between I make the code change and I see what the change actually looks like. This gap destroys the flow of building things. A better way should be WYSIWYG in the 3D scene. Maybe VR can only be developed in VR.

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