Low-information Diet

From Weekly I/O#12

Focus on "just-in-time" information instead of "just-in-case" information.

Book: The 4-Hour Workweek

The author Tim Ferriss adopted a low-information diet, which is about avoiding unnecessary information absorption such as news, email, and social media. Information is useless if it is not applied to something important or if we will forget it before we have a chance to apply it.

He said that he used to have the habit of reading a book or site to prepare for an event weeks or months in the future, and he would then need to reread the same material when the deadline for action was closer, which is redundant.

Therefore, he thinks we should mainly follow our recent to-do list and fill in the information gaps as we go through the todos. Focus on “just-in-time” important information instead of “just-in-case” information.

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