Money is Gasoline

From Weekly I/O#77

The reward for good work is more work. Therefore, find the work you will enjoy spending more time doing rather than focusing on reducing the time spent on your work.

Book: Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Many productivity-focused people always try to minimize the time spent on every task. They research and adopt various methods and tools to be more efficient.

However, the real goal should be to find work that we want to spend as much time as possible working on. Because the reward for good work is usually more work, we must find things we enjoy, even if the result of doing well on it means we need to spend more time doing it.

Remember, productivity is often a distraction. Don't aim for better ways to finish your tasks as quickly as possible. Instead, aim for better tasks that you never want to stop doing.

This also reminds me that meaningful things are usually inefficient.

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