Need for Cognitive Closure

From Weekly I/O#72

Need for Cognitive Closure: How much do you prefer getting a clear and definitive answer to questions versus remaining uncertain or ambiguous?

Book: Smarter Faster Better

The Need for Cognitive Closure (NFCC) is a psychological term that describes one's preference for certainty over ambiguity. It gauges to what extent a person prefers getting a clear and definitive answer to questions, instead of remaining uncertain or ambiguous. The level of NFCC varies from person to person.

People with a high need for cognitive closure tend to be more disciplined, prefer to make judgments quickly based on intuition, and are less likely to second-guess their decisions once made.

However, an overly high NFCC can lead to rigid thinking. Such individuals may resist changing their views and reconsider new information, even when confronted with evidence that contradicts their beliefs. Moreover, sometimes high NFCC can also lead to rushed decisions.

You can try the test here to measure your NFCC.

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