not Correctness

Weekly I/O#29

For ideas to be active and effective, a lot more (like art) is needed than their correctness.

Book: Great Thinkers

This is also from Georg Hegel, who rejected the idea of "art for art's sake". He stated that arts like painting, music, and literature all have a major job to make important insights more powerful and effective in our lives. In other words, "Art is the sensuous presentation of ideas."

Just knowing the fact leaves us cold. In principle, we know we should care more about the environment. However, in reality, we are still too lazy to carrying own sustainable cutlery set.

This also reminds me how technology like VR can be used as a medium to produce the sensuous presentation of ideas. In theory, we believe the conflict in Syria is of importance. Yet, in practice, we can't feel the pain as the refugees and get numb by the news. Therefore, virtual reality experiences like The Key may achieve what Hegel wants art to do by making people experience the feeling in an immersive way and get the idea more effectively.

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