One Sentence per Line

Weekly I/O#43

Derek Sivers' writing advice: Try writing one sentence per line.

Article: Writing One Sentence per Line

Derek Siver is one of my favorite writers. Recently, he gave an interesting tip about writing: Try writing one sentence per line. We only edit them to the normal format after the contents are ready to be published,

We write one sentence per line just for our eyes and brain. According to Derek, this makes it easier for us to judge each sentence on its own, vary the sentence length, move sentences and, see first and last words.

I personally found this method helpful since it makes it more obvious when there are redundant sentences or weird conjunction. When writing one sentence per line, a paragraph's structure becomes clearer. Therefore, it is easier to examine whether one section is logically coherent and whether some of the sentences are too long that should be trimmed.

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