Opposite of Courage

From Weekly I/O#51

The opposite of courage is not cowardice but conformity.

Video: “No creative person I know has ever asked for a brainstorming session” — Brian Collins | D&AD Talks

Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer of my favorite design company COLLINS, gives a talk commenting against the popular lean startup methodology in silicon valley.

I found this talk intriguing because it conflicts with many concepts I've learned. Brian roasted the words "iterate", "design thinking", "brainstorming", "minimum viable product", etc. This reminds me of those heroic founder/designer images. "You educate your user. Not another way around."

Brian mentioned Steve Jobs once said he only wanted to make "insanely great products". But now, we focus on "minimum viable product" in the valley. Brian Collins comments on how all the branding he likes (Burberry, Rimowa, Saint Laurent) has become so homogeneous. "The opposite of courage is not cowardice. The opposite of courage is conformity."

This also reminds me that if we ask ten people to agree on a flavor of ice cream, they will always pick vanilla or chocolate. Crowds don't agree on what's interesting. They agree on what's easy. Consensus also implies average.

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