Psychics and Weed Law

From Weekly I/O#33

Article: Conjuring Maine’s Clairvoyant Kush

Cannabis delivery isn't legal in Maine. Therefore, a shop circumvented the marijuana laws by stating the following on their website.

"We have Psychics roaming all over Portland communicating with their deity, their spirit guides, and having religious moments of clarity. We can guarantee to find your lost weed! Just login to this site, and select the cannabis or cannabis products you lost, and give us your address. We will find your weed and get it back to you asap."

As described in the article, "There's a lot of text on the site, some of it in capital letters, all of it redolent of stoner metaphysics.". "The comments page is full of questions and hope." "Makes more sense if you're high, maybe."

I seriously don't know which is funnier, the regulation or the article.

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