3 Heuristic for Fulfilling Life

Weekly I/O#66

The combination of big ambitions, high standards, and low expectations serves as a heuristic for a fulfilling life

Article: Avoiding Problem

Big ambitions provide direction toward something hard. It makes us pursue something bigger than ourselves, which gives us meaning and connections.

Low expectations allow us to enjoy the journey. Because happiness is equal to reality minus expectation, we can easily be happy when we expect nothing in return.

High standards minimize our future regrets of not giving our best. Holding ourselves to a high bar makes sure we always try hard enough when things get hard.

Having big ambitions, high standards, and low expectations is a useful heuristic for living a fulfilling life. This also reminds me of the Young & Old Test (#42.4): Make decisions that your 80-year-old self and 10-year-old self would be proud of.

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