Energy Audits

From Weekly I/O#61

To raise our energy and get more things done, do energy audits to find out what makes us energized or drained. Double down on energizing one and eliminate the draining one.

Podcast: CEO Coach Matt Mochary | The Tim Ferriss Show

We feel like we have limited time, but what we actually have is limited energy. Increasing the number of activities that raise our energy levels can help us get more done. However, it’s hard to add energy-inducing things. Instead, it’s easier to eliminate energy-reducing activities. Therefore, we can conduct energy audits after completing every task by taking notes on whether the task left us feeling energized or drained. We can mark them as "green" if we ended the hour with more energy than we started or "red" if we didn't.

By doing this over time, we can identify trends and work towards eliminating activities that reduce our energy levels from our calendar. We can ask ourselves these three questions: "Does this task need to happen?", "Do I need to be the one to do it?", and "What can make this task energy-raising?".

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