Envy is WiFi

Weekly I/O#69

Our envy is like WiFi. It is usually limited to a hyperlocal network. We are jealous of our friends, but not celebrities.

Podcast: Kunal Shah: Core Human Motivations [The Knowledge Project Ep. #141]

I found this analogy interesting. Envy is hyper-local. It's like WiFi that works only in a local radius. Therefore, for those who are very competitive, it might be good to change their social circle constantly. If their WiFi network range of comparison drives them, they can always be growing.

However, we should remember that growth fueled by competitiveness oftentimes will make you fall into the trap of a hedonistic treadmill. Instead, we should find something unique so we don't have to compete with anyone. If we need someone to chase or get ourselves motivated, we can find somebody in a different stage of life that we won't compete with and shouldn't follow the people we most admire but should follow what they admire.

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