More Visually Literate

From Weekly I/O#35

Kids today are much more visually literate and prefer to communicate with images over text.

Podcast: Eugene Wei: Compress to Impress

Visual mediums like images and videos do carry more information per unit than writing does. Visuals are a very compressed and efficient medium.

The younger generation is more visually literate than the older. Young people use photos and videos as the first form of communication way more naturally.

Though I love books and reading, I have to admit that most people tend to be better visual learners. For example, people in memory competitions often memorize things by transferring information to visuals in the memory palace techniques.

Tech companies like Amazon and Google also have shadow programs where rising employees follow around an executive to see how they work directly and learn from them.

In the book The Art of Learning, the author also mentioned many successful individuals, especially athletes, often visualize the move they want to make and their desired outcome in practice.

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