Nasal Breath

From Weekly I/O#16

The importance of how to breathe is underestimated. Slow and easy nasal breathing can have a huge positive impact on our body.

Podcast: James Nestor: The Lost Art of Breath | Chase Jarvis Live Show

We take approximately 26,000 breaths per day. But we seem to not put much attention to how we complete our breath (through mouth or nose, heavy or light, deep or shallow).

James Nestor, the author of the book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, stated that nasal breathing can have significant downstream effects on our health, autoimmune disease, snoring and even athletic performance. When we breathe through our nose, we filter, heat, and moisten the air, which increases the amount of absorbed oxygen by 10 to 15% with less irritation.

A way to practice nasal breathing is to use a small piece of tape over the mouth when sleeping to force nasal breathing. You can even buy all kinds of mouth tape for sleep online. Let me know if you have tried or want to try.

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