Time and Moments

From Weekly I/O#16

Makes the distinction between Time and Moments. Remembering Time, that line connecting all the moments, is rather painful.




In The Museum of Innocence in Çukurcuma, Istanbul, Orhan Pamuk, the author of the eponymous novel, display these words on the first floor on the wall.

Aristotle makes the distinctions between time and single moments. Remembering time can be pretty heavy and sometimes depressing. Instead of viewing moments in the context named time, we can remember moments regardless of where they located on the timeline. Therefore, remembering the moments can be a better way to cherish memories. In the scope of moments, there's no such thing like "I spent too many years on him/her".

Special thanks to Lisa Lin for sharing her thoughts and the photo she took in the museum with me when I mentioned a concept related to time in Weekly I/O #14.

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