Three Important Decisions

From Weekly I/O#78

Three most important decisions to think consciously about: the place to live, the work to do, and the people to spend time with.


Our ancient friend Plato argued that our lives go wrong usually because we don't give ourselves enough time to think carefully and logically enough about our plans.

I think there are three most important decisions that people oftentimes don't give enough time to think about: the place to live, the work to do, and the people to spend time with.

Think about how we made these decisions in the past and how those decisions influenced us. Don't get me wrong. It's not that we are making these decisions haphazardly by throwing darts. However, given how largely these decisions shape our lives, we should always give more time to think consciously and research accordingly.

People often don't think consciously enough because they tend to make decisions that fit their history, sometimes without even realizing the need for careful consideration. For example, we live in this city because that's where I grew up. We hang out with certain friends because we share the same memories in high school. We settled at this job simply because of our college major, and the company was the first to offer me a decent position.

Certainly, these decisions can all be justified because they "make sense." However, perhaps there are other options that we are just not aware of. If we think consciously enough about what we want and what risk we are willing to take, there can be options that fit us more. We must make decisions that fit our future, not just our history.

This is also related to three ways to change.

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